Microfix Warranty conditions

All our computer and notebook repairs come with a 3 month warranty. The warranty only concerns the repaired part (the labor and parts supplied by us). So it is not an overall warranty on the equipment.

For laser printer overhauls, a warranty period of 6 months or a maximum of 100,000 pages applies, whichever comes first. We give a 12 month* warranty on printer repairs on the delivered labor and parts.

* 50,000 pages or 3 months warranty on consumable parts such as fusing units, pick-up rollers and separation pads.

For all of the equipment repaired by us, after a repair (and inspection) an overall warranty extension is possible for a period of 2 years and sometimes longer. Interested? Look at warranty extension.

Additional Apple manufacturer warranty terms

  • Apple uses a Carry-in manufacturer warranty. This means that if a manufacturer's warranty applies and you have delivered the device yourself to one of our locations, no transport costs will be charged.
  • If you choose to use the pick-up and return service or send the device to us yourself, transport costs will be charged.

Terms and Conditions

We use the ICT Guarantee general terms and conditions for consumers. The ICT Guarantee general terms and conditions B2B apply to companies.

Diagnose costs

If, after a thorough diagnosis of your defective device, we make a quotation and you decide not to repair it, we will charge you diagnose costs. The amount of the diagnose costs depends on the product. If we cannot repair your device, we will of course not charge you diagnose costs.

If, after extensive testing of your device, we have not been able to find a complaint (no-fault-found), we will also charge the examination costs.


Minors are in principle only authorized to perform independent legal acts with the permission of their legal representative (s). By registering the repair (s) or approving the offer (s), we assume that this has been done with the consent of an adult.

ICT Guarantee

Participants of ICT Guarantee must adhere to the rules of conduct of the sector organization. One of the most important of these is the use of consumer-friendly general terms and conditions. In addition, ICT Guarantee offers consumers extra security.

Download the ICT Guarantee conditions here